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Rota Town Hall
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All the apartments in perfect working condition, fully furnished, equiped with kitchen apliances, large TV, WiFi (under request and if available), and more features that differenciate them from the large offer existing in the area. You can find the specifics for each apartment in each dedicated section. Generally all have gas water heating and cookers.
Pto Sta María, Townhouse, Vistahermosa

Cadiz, near the ocean, 1 bedroom

Rota, On the beach, 3 bedrooms. 2B

Rota, On the beach, 2 dormitorios. 2C

Rota, Plaza de la Costilla, 2 bedrooms. 1-8

Rota, On the beach, Costilla, Arenas 2E

Rota, On the beach 3 bedrooms. 2D.

Rota, On the beach. 2 Bedrooms 2E
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